We’re Jumely: a brand that respects both people and the earth. We guide ourselves with strict sustainable and human resources policies, giving you the most soft, durable and beautiful basics.

Our pieces go through many honest hands and travel a long way from the cotton field to the spinning mill, to the dyeing mill, to the sewing room and, finally, to you.
We prefer organic farming and the use of raw cotton, working with extra consideration for our planet. The minimal use of pollutants fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, toxic bleaches and dyes and the reduce of water using are some of our main concerns.

All our products are made from 100% organic cotton & GOTS certified, proving we only work responsible and environmentally conscious.
When buying Jumely you’re contributing for a better and safer world while spoiling your body with the most outstanding products.

We are dedicated in taking steps to support our mission to reduce our footprint every day

We choose to work only with certified and environmentally friendly responsible suppliers that work in compliance with Oëko-TEX, GOTS and GRS standards among others.