How to proceed:

Identify the item (s) you wish to return / exchange and select one of the 2 options. Print the return form and the label for the box

Put the complete article and form in a package. You can use the original packaging where you received the order or another box, as long as it is undamaged. If you use the original packaging, empty it and place only the item you intend to return. If the box has labels, stickers, or other materials from previous shipments, remove them.

Close the box, seal it with tape and attach the label to the box

Drop the box at an UPS access point

Upon receipt and analysis of the return, the seller will inform the buyer of the refund to which he is entitled (if applicable). The refund of the amount paid will always be made using the same payment method used in the purchase, or by wire transfer to Your bank account

If it is to make an exchange and the value is different from the order previously placed, the customer will be informed.