Lovely cosy basics for clothing & accessories
A cottonlove affair
It is the story of simplicity & cosiness with 100% pure and sustainable cotton, future-oriented and environmentally friendly

The light, pure vintage look gives each piece its own personality and the soft material gives you the perfect feeling on your skin.
You need no more than basics in perfect materials. emerge in the less is more philosophy and spoil your body with soft, natural and outstanding cotton products.

For the unconditional love of cotton, the love of people and the love for the essential.

The Jumely story began a long time ago, when Nathalie’s babies were born and the desire arose for sincere, simple products that simplify our daily live, not over-designed, but impressing by pure, light minimalism combined with perfect quality.
The skill lies in simplicity …. “less is more”

  • A cottonlove affair

    This wonderful, multifaceted material offers unconditional comfort and softness, creating the desire to surround yourself with these products always

  • The Jumely Philosophy

    We believe in love, in nature, in pureness, honesty and in simplicity, we believe in trust and in "made in Portugal"

  • Future-oriented and environmentally friendly

    We are dedicated in taking steps to support our mission, to reduce our footprint every day, and create a better world for today and for tomorrow. We choose to work only with certified and environmentally friendly responsible suppliers, that work in compliance with Oëko-TEX, GOTS and GRS standards among others.

  • Social responsible

    We care about people – The people that work out our products, and the people that elected them for their daily outfits /or quotidian. We choose to work with BSCI approved and social responsible certified suppliers, that respect the human rights, and provides their workers a safe and healthy workplace, paying fair wages and working legal time, for a fair labour. We choose for qualified labour, aiming for long lasting qualitative products.

The Jumely Family
A wonderful partnership has been established between the German and the Portuguese founders of the brand, where our concept designer and our experts in cotton, joint their skills together to give life to this lovely project!

Our favourite pieces are manufactured in the neighbourhood of the beautiful historic town of Guimarães, located in the north of Portugal, and shipped from here all over Europe.
In this experienced and traditional family business, our styles are made with a lot of love and sensitivity in line with the Jumely philosophy.

We want to spoil You with very soft and beautiful products
Less is more
We offer You lovely easy, simple & valuable basics
Environmentally friendly
We want to do something good for Mother Earth, trying to improve each day our legacy for the future generations
Made in Portugal
We want to assure a responsible and fair-trade business
We rely on the skill and reliability of our Portuguese producers